“The Great Blizzard of 1888 in New York City provides the perfect cover-up for murder in Simpson’s third novel, the first of a historical mystery series set during the Gilded Age. In a short period, Prudence MacKenzie loses her beloved father and her fiancé in what could be a murderous plot to steal her inheritance. Luckily, she is taken under the wing of her father’s lawyer, as Judge MacKenzie’s will is somewhat irregular. Cue the wicked stepmother and her equally repugnant brother. Readers will hope Stepmama is a murderer, but so much happens as the plot unwinds that it’s not a foregone conclusion. This is a story to savor, despite a few unlikely coincidences (the fiancé’s rich attorney friend available at all hours to help Prudence), with an admirable teenage heroine who changes from drug-addled to determined and takes charge. Prudence is a stubborn, quick-witted American heroine who will remind readers of Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily Ashton and Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey.” – Booklist, 4/1/2017

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